Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hero Installment No. 1

This is first installment of "Hero". It's just a little head nod to those who have influenced skateboarding. And in turn shaped the way we see the world. Let's face it, nobody else divides the world into two categories. What can be skated and what can't.

Skateboarding and art have been hand in since those landlocked surfers back in the 60's realized they had a canvas below their feet. The above happens to be a short interview with one of todays top graphic designers in the field. I'm not gonna tell which companies he's done work for. That's pretty obvious once you see his style. This interview was taken from The Arkitip website. It went along with issue No. 0045, that Evan Hecox helped put together. The issue was released in March 2008. Good luck finding a back issue.

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