Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So back at Christmas, yeah I said Christmas. What? So we are busy leave it alone. As I was saying. Back at Christmas we gave away an ADIDAS box filled with goodies!!!! Here is a picture of Dale's girlfriend picking out the winner. (sorry I cant remember your name but we did this a while ago..) and here is a picture of the winner Kyle Jacobis!!!!

Alphanumeric goodness


"Each One Should Teach One"
One of the most influential Street skate lifestyle
brand of the past decade is back from slumber, fully
operational and on the move. We at COVERT are proud
stockists of what is one of the illest brands in the
market. Our first order of t-shirts is already on
shelf. Stay tuned for team and product updates.

Get you some alpha knowledge!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This weekends events

Yo Yo Yo! So apparently there is a big warehouse party this Friday Night. Some people from NYC are flying in to view the original sign from the 'POP SHOP". It was a store owned by the late great KEITH HARING.... There is a special viewing from 6 to 8 in one warehouse. Warehouse 2 will host me MOT, Andrew Spear and CUB! Warehouse three will will be hosted by Swamburger and he some of his crew doing there thing and creating an original piece... 5 bucks .... 630 West Central....Dont miss this one

Then if that was not enough COVERT ,BETA and Etoile are having a MIDNIGHT RADNESS sale. This Saturday Night from 12:00am to 2 am ... Rock Bottom Prices!!!! BYOB. We supply the music you supply the vibe!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe The Hype !!!

The Hundreds have spoken. So know it will come to pass.....Ha Covert and BETA got mad props from The Hundreds. If for some strange reason you don't know about these guys then crawl out from under that rock. They are pretty much the most Legit of the younger street wear brands. Plus they are skateboarders... Well anyway shit loads of people check there blog daily. They will keep you up to speed on what is happening in the quickly changing world of Street Wear, Fashion,skating and what not.
The Hundreds

Now if that was not enough we got some more props on SLAMxHYPE. Scott Nelson from the lines "Slicker then Most" and MIKE.
Scott popped into town and was obviously pleased with what he saw. He knows the score for sure! This guy has been designing the good since the 90s.. Who remembers PERVERT or MANKIND? It might be to early for you but believe me the guy knows what's up and has paid is dues.

Friday, January 4, 2008


So I was on the Beta blog last night. That thing is funny... If you have some time time to kill peep it. There is a lot of funny stuff on there. They also post up pics of all the new gear. So peep it or better yet come to the shop.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Robert Lopez Mont joins the Covert family!!!

Are you F@cking Kidding me? This guys shreds, rips and DESTROYS everything at his leisure. No chump change here. Robert is getting ready to make moves in 08 and we are proud to have him on the team.SO now what? How about some footy of Robert so you understand what Im talking about.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

AJ Burnett

Team Rider AJ Burnett.... Here is a sequence of AJ. Dude straight up kills it. Did we mention AJ lives in L.A.? Hes on the west coast trying to get his skate on. he rides for SOLO wheels and COVERT. Support AJ and purchase some Solo wheels.
Support the brands that are supporting your skate community...We got a good team, right?.... Footy coming soon.....

covert tees for sale

Covert shop tees $18.... Ok who doesnt know the band Operation Ivy? Look it up! If you skated during the 90s you know OP IVY. Members went on to become Rancid. Anyway this is our take a classic punk rock n roll graphic. COVERT OPERATION SON!

size / color