Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BETA / ALIFE / Covert Christmas Party Friday 26th

Hey Wheres the party at? Its at SKY 60 fool. Damn we gonna go BIGGIE BIG on Friday night. Its a Holiday jam like no other.
Our friends at BETA and ALIFE (nyc) have gotten together to bring you a night of everlasting joy (or until the booze wheres off)
Anyway the DJ line up for the night goes as follows. YOUNG BIG MIKE(ALIFE nyc) our boy MOT (covert / Beta) Lt. Smash (BETA)
and Johnny 5 Mikes (wprk). The music will be sick and across the board. Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Nu disco, Old disco, Classic Party Jams, Indie DAnce and some good old ROCK n ROLL bangers. To top it off we have finished our negotiations with the North Pole promotions group. This party will be SANTA's official Christmas after party. Believe it son! Santa Claus is coming to town to PARTY!!!!!!! (oh he bringing goodies believe it) To make the evening even more enjoyable there will be 2 for 1 drinks till midnight. Im sure MOT will have a community bottle of Jager.. (wink wink nudge nudge Africk) The password for free admission will be " I want A BETA LIFE" Friday december 26th SKy 60 .....60 south orange (i think) in between the social and Tabu.

Dolla Dolla Bill ya'll

This post is way over due. Sorry Bill. I have not been on the myspace page in a hot minute.
Oh well here we go. My boy Mike Fienberg is friends with Shepard Fairy. Shepard hit Mike up with a grip of OBAMA posters.
Mike hit me up and I hit Dolla up. Peep this link. DOLLA BILL This is a great blog for all you creative artist types.Its called Urban art warfare. Bill your the man....Here is a small pic of new work from Bill. Just for kicks.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is your wood soft and limp? Come get it hard!
We got 9 boxes of Girl and Chocolate in and 4 boxes Kayo, all stocked up and ready to go!

New Mighty Healthy gear in and it's lookin fresh. Sizes are limited, so come on down and grab a few pieces.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yo we got a party going on right here, A celebration to last through out the year so bring your dancing shoes and drink some booze!!!!!!Ok enough of that nonsense. This Thursday night at ICON. Covert / Beta in conjunction with Fienberg Worldwide and Pauly CRUSH bring you. SWITCH... HUH? Yeah SWITCH... Dont miss this show. He does production for MIA and Santogold. Not to mention countless remixes. Look at what our friends atDon't Sleep Orlando has to say. If you come to COVERT or BETA and spend $30 you get a free ticket to the show...Thats easy cause we got a ton of new gear...Oh Our boy MOT is also playing with ANdrew Spear, Queso and Pauly CRUSH. Cheap ass drinks before 12. $3 your call....

Nike Hunger Strike

Go ahead Cop a Bite.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supra Skytop Wheat / Timmy

The Wheat Skytop, AKA "The Timmy" dropped at the shop today. Very small numbers and will not last, so get off the couch sucka and make moves.

Aside from that there is so much HEAT at the shop right now it's nutz. We need to make some room so come in and do some haggling. It will work.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Covert Skateshop's "In Parts"- Freddie Tan

Here is a sneak preview of Freddie Tan's ill part in our video "In Parts". We will be gradually dropping more parts here on our blog from Robert Lopez Mont, Marco Lambertucci, Ryan Nix, Bryan Pederson, AJ Burnett, Will Durham, Alex Perez, and Ryan Oconner! Keep an eye out and we will give you an update soon on when the next part will drop!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Heat

Let me know if you got a hand model hook up.

Useless Wooden Toys.

Sorry, no pics or video on this one.

So you think the world of professional skateboarding is all stunts and blunts. You might want to read this article I found on 48 Blocks. It's mostly about two friends who were doing their thing and how when the money rolled in, it went from "our" thing to "my" thing. Lessons to be learned.

Covert Rider : Bryan Pederson

Just a regualr night at the park for Petey. Heres a few clips Tommy Bohn caught of the night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Coming Fire

November 08 Nike SB Release

Like a sore D!ck, you can't beat it.
Limited Sizes, First Come First Serve

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Milk District / FADE 2 BLACK Friday Nov. 28th

FADE 2 BLACK is our take on the busiest shopping day of the year. Bring your thanksgiving leftovers for a POT LUCK lunch. Hang with friends, listen to great music and take advantage of the best deals ever. We are cutting the inventory loose. 20% to 50% off at BETA COVERT and Etoile. Bring CASH for extra savings.

SUPRA hit the shelves tonight

Nuff Said

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Party pictures

Since I've been posting flyers for some parties. I guess I should post some pictures. Special thanks to Dr. Lisa for taking all the shots. Halloween was a blast at SKY 60. Uncle Scam and Buddy Christ.

Pris was looking good but where is Rutger?

Jesus Christ this music is AWESOME.

One More Drink Please.
The Knock Knock reunion / Billy D b-day party was one for the ages. The type of party you regret for missing.
Q-burns, GOMEZ and Billy. There wasn't a sober person in the house

So I dropped Van Halen / Eruption, then Andrew took over on guitar. He rocked out to the delight of everybody at the party. Andrew is a closet metal head. Of course we went into You Really Got Me after Eruption. Just like the album... The place went bonkers.

Jamey and the Dr.

Blue Man Pig Boy. The Blue Man was dancing on the rooftop. No photo sorry.

Andrew and Ashley

Faherty and Dishman
Still Standing after all that Jager.

So next time we have a party you should come out and let loose. It will do you good.
Ok, thats it. I will stop with the party pictures and go back to product shots.