Monday, July 21, 2008

Im Lovin' It . . . NOT !!!!!!

Being that I left behind the red meat years ago I find things like this very funny. You should Cut the crap out of your Diet. Oh and if you do eat that burger from a 99 cent menu, thank an illegal immigrant. They pick all the tomatoes and work in the slaughter house. Really without them that burger would be 2 dollars!!!!!!

FREDDIE TAN gettin some coverage

Freddie is in AMSTERDAM now, lucky bastard. While he was away FOCUS magazine gave him a page. Here it is. Nice work Freddie.
Oh FOCUS, next time you want to big up our rider let us know so we can save up some scratch for an ad.

Teaching fools basic roolz!

Stumbled across these links and instantly got on my board. You do the same. OG heads know the score, come get some.

(I'd totally make up a link for these, but blogger is acting homo.)

So necessary!

(Menace always had the hardest squads, btw.)