Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In our never ending quest to find the newest and most legit brands. COVERT is proud to bring you HEEL BRUISE. HB is not another dumb ass skate brand or t shirt brand to be taken lightly. The line was started by Richard Mulder, Thomas Yu, and Roby Jeffers. The distribution is super tight and it is only sold to premiere skate shops in the country. Shops like Supreme, HUF and now COVERT! A little bit of history. Thomas YU the art director is from STUSSY and Richard Mulder was the first skater for STUSSY and NIKE sb. Below is some 1999 footy when he was pro for Chocolate. Below that is the first t-shirt to hit the wall from Heel Bruise. BTW Spring 2010 looks sick. (Im trying to get different pictures my wont load)


Just wanted to drop a few pictures from the Andrews Spear's art show. The exhibit will be up until January 9, 2010 at BOLD HYPE Gallery 1844 East Winter Park Street. Thanks to Dr. Lisa for the photos. The first photo is the initial piece of the show. Stevie in color. This piece was featured in Juxtapoz magazine. The next is the man of the Hour Andrew Spear. Last but not least you got me (MOT) and KITTYBAT. Not for nothing but we KILLED the after party. Hot Fire!!!! BTW we are doing it again this Saturday at Peacock. But I will save it for another post.