Saturday, May 23, 2009

Santa Monica Airlines

SMA or Santa Monica Airlines is the newest brand to be brought into the shop. SMA has been around for nearly 30 years. I remember rocking the classic bi plane tee way back. NATAS!!!!!! Here is a brief section taken from their site to fill you in on whats going down.


Our still humble beginnings are still humble after all this time which just proves you can stay true to your core belief system and not lose sight of who or what your are.

We have a few surprises for you this year, including an art show, limited edition 30th anniversary products and a store opening which we will let you know about in due time. Kevin Ancell has stepped up and done some of this 30th art (He did the OG Natas Panther), and we felt that we need to close the circle so we are really pretty happy to have his skills on board again.

SMA worked with Washington Street Skatepark the past two years to help out their free park program. This year to further help them in their fundraising endeavors, we will be making limited edition skateboard decks by the Fall ASR show/party with all the proceeds going directly to them. As this nears, we will let you know where and how to purchase these special decks.

Also if you are in Oz, please help out the Moss Jam people. They have a neat program that can use all the help it can get.

All of the good stuff that happened to SMA this past year happened because of you, our skate partners. Your feedback as to what products we need to make was vital to us. Along with our distributors, you helped us to be here for thirty years. For all of you we have met in person and through email, let me say from us here at SMA we say "THANKS!".

- Thanks for the ride
Skip Engblom
Here are a couple stand out peices from the newest line.