Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Presenting the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD benefit art show. During the Summer of 2009 Cover Skateshop was broken into, and their entire shoe inventory was robbed,leaving owner, Tommy Mot, with nothing but a wall full of right shoes. Tommy came up with the idea to give all the floor models to local artists for them to redesign and sell to benefit Covert. Some of the artists include Andrew Spear,Dolla Bill, Dres13, just to name a few. Fastforward to February 20, 2010 at Bold Hype art gallery where we see Covert fans here to support the shop. Big thanks to Covert Skateshop, Andrew Spear and all the contributing artists, and Bold Hype Gallery for hosting the event. Pictures of all the art work will be in another post.

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Wheatley


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crossroads Recap

Here is a video of the CROSSROADS Best Trick contest. Our rider Robert Lopez got a clip. Kickflip Backside 50/50.
Crossroads is a trade show put on by Jamie Thomas at ZERO / Black Box Distribution. Its a skateboarding specific trade show.
Good Job Robert on the exposure. Robert will be in town next month for the Tampa Pro.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well we closed baby sister BETA due to a slow economy and brands opening questionable shops. But fear not all you Hundreds fans. COVERT has decided to carry the Hundreds torch. We just received the first batch of Johnson Mids in Black and Brown / Burgundy. We also have some left over tees from Beta. If you buy a pair of shoes I will discount a tee.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Right Foot Forward

February 20th is the opening of the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD art show at Bold Hype Gallery. Come see what 25 artists do to the display shoes left from a burglary last summer. The Covert skate team will be shredding some Skate Art from Team Payne.
Music will be provided by LT. SMASH. This is a sneak peak from Scott Scheidly's piece called Security. The show is going to be amazing. Please don't miss it.

For all you fruitbooters...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Covert Welcomes CHRIS BLAKE to the family

COVERT welcomes our new team rider CHRIS BLAKE. We are super stoked to have Chris on the team. Chris is making some noise in the skate scene and won last years Back to Banks best trick contest on the 10 stair hand rail. Chris rides for 5 BORO. East Coast represent!

Hit the full screen for a better viewing pleasure.

Covert Skate Shop Welcomes Chris Blake to the Family from MESH on Vimeo.

Chris Blake and friends in the Caymans.

ADIDAS Finally

After a momentary mix up, ADIDAS finally shipped. Unfortunately It is not our complete order. But everything looks good for the March shipment. Anyway here is what we were able to get our hands on. Campus Vulc Espresso, Campus Vulc
Black White re-up and the Skate in Silver. There is a little SKATE uprising happening. This shoe is supposed to be the next big ADIDAS style. Light with great board feel. Its also reasonably priced. So come and get it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Literal Lyrics

Best lyrics ever!