Saturday, December 29, 2007

Covert Team rider Freddy Tan

So I am now taking the time to fill you in on some Freddy Tan news. Ok so its been official that he has become a Covert rider but did you know he just got picked up by ADIDAS and SHUT Skateboards? Fred is on his way to to becoming AM status for both sponsors this summer.(keep those fingers crossed) So do your part for your local rippers and try a pair of ADIDAS shoes and a SHUT deck. Thats how shit gets done. Support the brands that support your local riders and shops. COVERT SKATE SHOP! At some point I will post a paragraph about how influential SHUT is for the East Coast skateboard community. Im out.

20 bucks of a KREW TK HOODY this weekend only

What's happening? Here is a shot of the storefront. If you read this and come into the shop I will give you 20 bucks off a TK hoody from Krew.....Huh? Why not its going to be cold in a couple of days. peep the weather map.