Thursday, January 29, 2009

We just made the OBEY blog

I just want to thank everybody who came out to the OBEY party a couple weeks ago. The night was very cold with temperatures in the 30's. We were thinking of canceling the party at one point but that did not last long. The show must go on. Needless to say peeps came out and they were dressed properly. The music was superb. The night started off with J5M. then Lt. Smash hit the decks. Roam and Pubes from OBEY took us home. Pubes is my new favorite DJ. (We will see how long that lasts.) I just played a couple records in between all the serato computer changes. We also had a box of free gear from OBEY. Scotty from the hundreds was there but he was not dressed properly and left. Maybe next time Scotty. We still love ya. Here are some pictures from Dr. Lisa and Kevin from Smile For Camera. To top it off Roam put up some pictures on the OBEY blog. Peep it. We big time now!
Dr. Lisa