Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finger Boarding

So I am way behind on posting the new product that has hit the shelves. We got so much new gear from LAKAI,OBEY, NIKE SB, Krew, SUPRA Emerica and Altamonte with a hell of a lot more coming from Fallen, Supra NS and ES to name a few. Look for pics tomorrow. So in the mean time sit back and enjoy this video my boy Billy sent me. This is one of the best finger boarding videos I have seen. I could never do this shit with my fingers, hell I could barley do it with my feet. Enjoy..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Im Lovin' It . . . NOT !!!!!!

Being that I left behind the red meat years ago I find things like this very funny. You should Cut the crap out of your Diet. Oh and if you do eat that burger from a 99 cent menu, thank an illegal immigrant. They pick all the tomatoes and work in the slaughter house. Really without them that burger would be 2 dollars!!!!!!

FREDDIE TAN gettin some coverage

Freddie is in AMSTERDAM now, lucky bastard. While he was away FOCUS magazine gave him a page. Here it is. Nice work Freddie.
Oh FOCUS, next time you want to big up our rider let us know so we can save up some scratch for an ad.

Teaching fools basic roolz!

Stumbled across these links and instantly got on my board. You do the same. OG heads know the score, come get some.

(I'd totally make up a link for these, but blogger is acting homo.)

So necessary!

(Menace always had the hardest squads, btw.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hero Installment No. 2

This one's not so specific to a single person but rather the evolution of skateboard art as a whole. I must admit, I do have 20 or so decks at my house that will never be skated. At times I struggle with the idea of the intended purpose verses the re-appropriation of said object. I mean it's a skateboard. It's sole purpose is to be skated. Not hung on a wall for me to stare at. But on the other hand, skateboarders by nature change the intended purpose of objects on a daily bases. That ledge was not put there for you to do fs crooks on. That handrail is not meant for you and your bs smiths. But we do it anyway.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mi Casa ,Supra Casa

DrumRoll Please...... Summer Supra is here. Red Vaider High, Tuff Black Cali, Tuff Black Skytop, Red and White Skytop, Tuff Black and Grey w/ Red Skytop, and the
Black Croc ReStock. These will not last.

Friday, July 4, 2008


This Saturday we will be releasing our July SBs. Get them while there hot!!!!! We also got a re up on the black Blazers...