Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh shit we gonna party tomorrow night

There​ is a chill​ in the air peopl​e and Sky 60 is headi​ng it to its prime​ time seaso​n.​ Hallo​ween could​ not have come on a bette​r day.

This frida​y speci​al guest​ DJs BUDDY​ CHRIS​T and UNCLE​ SCAM are going​ to smash​ your face and bless​ your ears with relen​tless​ beats​,​ grim,​ glitc​hes and twitc​hes.​ Casti​ng a spell​,​ you will have no optio​n but to dance​,​ drink​ and be scary​!​!​!​!​

Watch​ the trans​forma​tion from DJ to the JAGER​MONST​ER.​ A sight​ only seen by few. Even fewer​ have survi​ved.​

Of cours​e its a FREE party​ but only if you got the right​ spell​.​.​.​So if you are stron​g at heart​ say the words​ "​polit​ician​s are scary​"​ and the doors​ will open.​.​.​.​.​ See you there​ if you dare.​ So come GET MENTAL


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Altamont Holiday

An Altamont box dropped today, inside were some fresh thin hoodies and a few warm sweaters even better than grandma used to make.

Suprano High Fishnet

Supra Suprano Highs in today! This shoe features a mixture of actual netting and printed netting. It also includes waxed laces and a removal strap which makes this Supra all the better. Only 10 pairs were shipped so get your ass down here and scoop em up!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Robert Lopez Turns Pro for Substance Skateboards

Congratulations to Covert rider Robert Lopez. He just turned pro for Substance Skateboards. Here is a link to the substance web site. Substance / Robert Lopez. Its not complete yet but its worth a check. This brand is on the come up for sure. Oh did I mention you can get Substance's new boards including Robert's at COVERT?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shoe fairy just left Cal State Skytop / Stecyk Nike Blazer

So Im trying to post new product up and all I can think about is my birthday party and why am I still here. So quickly.
Peep the shoes. Supra Cal State. 1000 pairs. The Lance Mountain / C.R. Stecyk Blazer is a Saturday release. Super buttery.
Ok Im out..

Tonight tastes good!

Oh how sweet it is. Tonight is going to be BONKERS! I will need some help with this. Sky 60 tonight. See you there!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok friends of COVERT/BETA. We don't always promote our party's on the blog. (Im not sure why we don't) But this one we should all try to make. Its Tommy MOT's B-day bash at SKY 60. Its a 21 and up affair. Its going to the JUMP OFF this Friday. MOT will be 40....DAMN! 40! That greasy haired Dude has been drinking Jager, playing records, slinging skateboards and street-wear since some of you were born! He has put out 6 or 7 records, been signed to a multi album record deal (which abruptly feel through a year later when the label was sold) and went on tour with MOTLEY CRUE. (sounds like a where are they now episode on VH1) So come show some love for the man behind COVERT and BETA and have a drink or two. The music will be banging and the vibe will be tight. DJs on tap will be the GET MENTAL residents MOT and ANDREW SPEAR along side LT. SMASH and JFM.

Sky 60 is located between Tabu and The Social. There is a doorway that leads upstairs. Yes SKy 60 is a roof top bar.

Password for free admission is " 40 is the new FUCK YOU! "

p.s did we mention he is a pretentious bastard?

get mental, MOT, SPEAR, SKY 60

Nike SB October

Since Austin has the camera I had to take these pictures from Hypebeast. The October shoes are looking good. BobbaFet high(Im not up on my star wars game sorry if its misspelled) Golden Rail and a Gucci P-rod....Come on in sh*t is butter.
Notice the Orange Blazer is not pictured. That is a Saturday release. I will post that up tomorrow when I get my camera back.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome Ryan O'connor to the family

So we just added another brother to the COVERT Skate Team. So everybody put your hands together for Ryan O'connor!!!
Ryan is a big pick up for us and we are happy to have him on the team. Ryan had last part in this summers "Hey Buddy" video
and skates for Zoo York. He also has a t-shirt brand called Rip n Dip. Look for those tees real soon in the shop. Below is a commercial for Rip n Dip. We are also going to add a part for Ryan in the unfinished Covert Video.( I know we already had a premiere but it was not done yet) On a final note. Covert's skate team now consists of Freddie Tan, Bryan Pederson, A.J. Burnett, Marco Lambertucci, Robert Lopez, Ryan O'connor, Alex Perez, Will Durham(owner and ripper) and Tony Saurez (Team Manager)....
Thats a pretty strong line up!!!!! Big things are on the horizon for us all.

RIPnDIP commercial #1 from Grant Yansura on Vimeo.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Contest this weekend at MESH re-post

Some of you might know I was a dj on the first couple of AST DEW TOURS. While I was there I convinced the staff to let me have a contest on the skateboard park course at AMWAY arena. So with a little help from our friends at MESH we started the LOCALS ONLY contest. Here is how it works. There is a Qualifier at MESH. The top finalists in that contest get to skate in the finals at the DEW TOUR alongside a representative from all the local skate shops. That way each shop in town has a finalist and gets represented. It is a super fun contest and its all for skateboarding in central florida. We have a ton of amazing talent here.
So below are the flyers to explain everything. One more thing the finals will be held when the gates are open at the AST DEW TOUR. That means the stands will be packed with a ton of fans cheering on all the skaters. FUCK HATE LETS SKATE!


Old school meets the new school. Fresh in from the LUXX crew at DVS today is this smooth set up complete with the Ray Ban Wayfarer, a timeless classic and necessary part of your get up. The shoe is very clean and made with premium materials. As usual very limited supply and one per customer