Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Coming Fire

November 08 Nike SB Release

Like a sore D!ck, you can't beat it.
Limited Sizes, First Come First Serve

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Milk District / FADE 2 BLACK Friday Nov. 28th

FADE 2 BLACK is our take on the busiest shopping day of the year. Bring your thanksgiving leftovers for a POT LUCK lunch. Hang with friends, listen to great music and take advantage of the best deals ever. We are cutting the inventory loose. 20% to 50% off at BETA COVERT and Etoile. Bring CASH for extra savings.

SUPRA hit the shelves tonight

Nuff Said

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Party pictures

Since I've been posting flyers for some parties. I guess I should post some pictures. Special thanks to Dr. Lisa for taking all the shots. Halloween was a blast at SKY 60. Uncle Scam and Buddy Christ.

Pris was looking good but where is Rutger?

Jesus Christ this music is AWESOME.

One More Drink Please.
The Knock Knock reunion / Billy D b-day party was one for the ages. The type of party you regret for missing.
Q-burns, GOMEZ and Billy. There wasn't a sober person in the house

So I dropped Van Halen / Eruption, then Andrew took over on guitar. He rocked out to the delight of everybody at the party. Andrew is a closet metal head. Of course we went into You Really Got Me after Eruption. Just like the album... The place went bonkers.

Jamey and the Dr.

Blue Man Pig Boy. The Blue Man was dancing on the rooftop. No photo sorry.

Andrew and Ashley

Faherty and Dishman
Still Standing after all that Jager.

So next time we have a party you should come out and let loose. It will do you good.
Ok, thats it. I will stop with the party pictures and go back to product shots.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sid Vicious

Watched Sid and Nancy last night. I think Nancy was a self destructive little #unt. Poor SID. The Sex Pistols were the shit for a second. Apparently Sid never did much but he looked cool doing it until he got on the H. Here are a couple of you tube videos. The first is a wicked rendition of Ol Blue Eyes "MY WAY". The second is from an interview with John Lydon and Malcom Mclaren. Im not sure if its from the movie The Filth and the Fury, which I hope NetFlix has for me. I saw it years ago but need a refresher. All you little skaters, haters, hip hoppers, pill poppers and punks should watch it! And to top if off here is a link to Wikipedia SID VICIOUS

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fresh Jive x Seymour Chwast x MCBUSH

Yet another awesome tee from FRESH JIVE. This is a Seymour Chwast design. He is a founder of PUSHPIN Design Group NYC.
peep the link. Pushpin. I know, I know, this is another late post. ANyway we only have a few left.


More ALTAMONT has hit the shelves. The tees are a done by Mikhail Bortnik and Mike Jones from MISHKA. Here is a link to Highsnobiety for more info.Altamont x Mike Jones x Mikhail Bortnik

We also got some jackets that are pretty dope. This one pictured is a light wight hoody called "in the cuts" I forgot to take pictures of the other jackets. Sorry.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Italians are here lock up your girlfriends.

Our team rider MARCO LAMBERTUCCI has just arrived form Italy. He is here with his filmer Sergio Mininci (far right), BASTARD team manager Daniel Galli, and fellow BASTARD rider Lupi lupianiez (far left). Footy and pics to follow from their month long trip to Florida. Marcos part in the Covert video will be dropping real soon. If you see them in the bar by them a drink. If your a single lady at the bar watch out for those silver tongue Italians.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

FREDDIE TAN WINS locals only DEW TOUR contest

Well the AST DEW TOUR came and went.( We are still waiting on photos from the LOCALS ONLY skate contest. Freddie Tan took first place. HOLLA!) Here is a link to Fuel TV. Fuel Tv They did a little expose on Orlando hosted by some friends of ours.
Simon from MESH, Dustin Orlando, ANDREW SPEAR (who's work is currently showing in BETA. He is also one part of the Friday Party GET MENTAL @ SKy60.) There is even a sneak appearance from JRod at COVERT.

I know I am way behind on posts. There was a ton of new gear last week. Look for pics this week. Better yet. Just come in.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Emerica's for a New America

Fresh of the truck with Five new shoes: Reynolds 3, Reynolds Lite, Fat Lace, Leo, and the Jerry Hsu x Enjoi Collab. All flavors, All sizes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

GET MENTAL / KNOCK KNOCK reunion party


Shit, I have not posted anything new in a freaking week... Im so LAME. The shop is packed with new gear and shoes.
Ok enough about the shop. Its time to party once again.

PEOPL​E come GET MENTA​L at SKY 60 / KNOCK​ KNOCK​ reuni​on party​.​

Some of you lived​ throu​gh the best times​ in Orlan​do at KNOCK​ KNOCK​.​ Drunk​,​ Broke​,​ stupi​d,​ naked​,​ break​ing thing​s in the bar and drunk​.​.​.​ Ah the good old days.​ When you could​ smoke​ pot in the dj booth​ with out a worry​.​ Heari​ng the best music​ and liste​ning to the djs mash it all up to frenz​ied end of the night​ secon​d to none.​ Super​ smoke​ machi​ne effec​ts until​ you could​n'​t see your drink​ at the bar, insul​ts on the mic, peopl​e crawl​ing up the walls​ and somet​hing serio​usly deran​ged comin​g out the speak​ers alway​s leavi​ng you wanti​ng more!​ Of cours​e none of this would​ be possi​ble with out the ring leade​r of this obnox​ious circu​s of drunk​ards.​ BILLY​ Dill.​.​.​.​.​ Oh Billy​,​ Billy​,​ Billy​.​ Come get your punis​hment​!​!​!​!​!​

Well anywa​y this prick​ is havin​g a birth​day and he decid​ed to come home and hang with his origi​nal FAKE frien​ds from Orlan​do.​(​ We all know every​body in L.A. is as real as it gets)​

Anywa​y.​ The night​ will be ROTTE​N and FILTH​Y with a big ass bag of AWESO​ME.​.​.​.​ And if you miss it you will regre​t it. COME GET MENTA​L with the origi​nal ring leade​rs of the downt​own scene​.​ The DJ crew is getti​ng back toget​her for this one night​ affai​r.​ Ken SHerr​y,​ GOMEZ​,​ Q-​burns​,​ Andre​w Spear​ and of cours​e that Fucki​ng Jerk MOT.

So some of you did not get to exper​ience​ k.​K.​.​.​.​ Thats​ ok.. Just come exper​ience​ a total​ clust​er fuck of a night​ at SKY 60 and have a good time.​
Passw​ord for free admis​sion is "​JOYRI​DE"​