Monday, November 17, 2008

Party pictures

Since I've been posting flyers for some parties. I guess I should post some pictures. Special thanks to Dr. Lisa for taking all the shots. Halloween was a blast at SKY 60. Uncle Scam and Buddy Christ.

Pris was looking good but where is Rutger?

Jesus Christ this music is AWESOME.

One More Drink Please.
The Knock Knock reunion / Billy D b-day party was one for the ages. The type of party you regret for missing.
Q-burns, GOMEZ and Billy. There wasn't a sober person in the house

So I dropped Van Halen / Eruption, then Andrew took over on guitar. He rocked out to the delight of everybody at the party. Andrew is a closet metal head. Of course we went into You Really Got Me after Eruption. Just like the album... The place went bonkers.

Jamey and the Dr.

Blue Man Pig Boy. The Blue Man was dancing on the rooftop. No photo sorry.

Andrew and Ashley

Faherty and Dishman
Still Standing after all that Jager.

So next time we have a party you should come out and let loose. It will do you good.
Ok, thats it. I will stop with the party pictures and go back to product shots.

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