Wednesday, January 2, 2008

AJ Burnett

Team Rider AJ Burnett.... Here is a sequence of AJ. Dude straight up kills it. Did we mention AJ lives in L.A.? Hes on the west coast trying to get his skate on. he rides for SOLO wheels and COVERT. Support AJ and purchase some Solo wheels.
Support the brands that are supporting your skate community...We got a good team, right?.... Footy coming soon.....

covert tees for sale

Covert shop tees $18.... Ok who doesnt know the band Operation Ivy? Look it up! If you skated during the 90s you know OP IVY. Members went on to become Rancid. Anyway this is our take a classic punk rock n roll graphic. COVERT OPERATION SON!

size / color