Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The phone has been ringing for this one. Stussy / J DILLA Limited quantities. Come On.

HUF Spring 2010

New HUF arrived last week. All the gear looks really nice. HUF is striving to be the next sought after brand on the Skate / Street wear tip. HUF is knocking it out the park. The cut and sew looks great. The solid is a light weight long sleeve the plaid is a light weight short sleeve. Im into tag logo tee and a Patty Hearst tee in white. The hats are solid. The FUCK IT in reflective on the top is a hit. Be on the look out for HUF shoes Fall 2010. Its nice to know the brand is staying exclusive to its roots. Core Skate boutique shops only. No ZUMIEZ. This brand is catered to our clients looking for the next shit. Sorry for the awful pictures.