Friday, June 19, 2009

Waste Some Time

Ok this is going to be a strange post so bare with me. My boy Billy turned me on to this site Look at This Fucking Hipster. LATFH Here are some pictures I took from the site. You need to peep it to read the funny captions... It's a good way to waste time and make fun of people without actually hurting anybody's feelings. Unless of course they happen to be in front of you...

Which leads me to this!!!!!

The following day he sent me CUCHINI
It protects women from the dreaded CAMEL TOE. These Cougars in West Palm need to get to Hollywood with there shit. They would kill it with the stars. They also need to make some with flags from Puerto Rico and USA for starters. Roses, Obama, Che and Pot leaves. You get the picture. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson could be spokes women.....

Civilized Sundays

Our friend Mike Rosa was asked to film a Civilized Sundays for Transworld Skateboarding. You will see shop lurker and part time Covert rider Ryan Nix and Covert shop owner Willy D.....This is part 1. Not sure if there is a part 2... Filmed and edited by David Cahall. We are trying to start posting more footy. Hopefully this is the start of something new. As I said before the COVERT shop video is finished and will be dropping really soon.


Here is some throw away footy from Kevin Perez...We have called it quits on the COVERT video. We will be dropping it on the site in the next few days. Stay posted ....

Throw Away Montage #1 from kevin perez on Vimeo.