Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome Ryan O'connor to the family

So we just added another brother to the COVERT Skate Team. So everybody put your hands together for Ryan O'connor!!!
Ryan is a big pick up for us and we are happy to have him on the team. Ryan had last part in this summers "Hey Buddy" video
and skates for Zoo York. He also has a t-shirt brand called Rip n Dip. Look for those tees real soon in the shop. Below is a commercial for Rip n Dip. We are also going to add a part for Ryan in the unfinished Covert Video.( I know we already had a premiere but it was not done yet) On a final note. Covert's skate team now consists of Freddie Tan, Bryan Pederson, A.J. Burnett, Marco Lambertucci, Robert Lopez, Ryan O'connor, Alex Perez, Will Durham(owner and ripper) and Tony Saurez (Team Manager)....
Thats a pretty strong line up!!!!! Big things are on the horizon for us all.

RIPnDIP commercial #1 from Grant Yansura on Vimeo.