Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yo we got a party going on right here, A celebration to last through out the year so bring your dancing shoes and drink some booze!!!!!!Ok enough of that nonsense. This Thursday night at ICON. Covert / Beta in conjunction with Fienberg Worldwide and Pauly CRUSH bring you. SWITCH... HUH? Yeah SWITCH... Dont miss this show. He does production for MIA and Santogold. Not to mention countless remixes. Look at what our friends atDon't Sleep Orlando has to say. If you come to COVERT or BETA and spend $30 you get a free ticket to the show...Thats easy cause we got a ton of new gear...Oh Our boy MOT is also playing with ANdrew Spear, Queso and Pauly CRUSH. Cheap ass drinks before 12. $3 your call....

Nike Hunger Strike

Go ahead Cop a Bite.