Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok friends of COVERT/BETA. We don't always promote our party's on the blog. (Im not sure why we don't) But this one we should all try to make. Its Tommy MOT's B-day bash at SKY 60. Its a 21 and up affair. Its going to the JUMP OFF this Friday. MOT will be 40....DAMN! 40! That greasy haired Dude has been drinking Jager, playing records, slinging skateboards and street-wear since some of you were born! He has put out 6 or 7 records, been signed to a multi album record deal (which abruptly feel through a year later when the label was sold) and went on tour with MOTLEY CRUE. (sounds like a where are they now episode on VH1) So come show some love for the man behind COVERT and BETA and have a drink or two. The music will be banging and the vibe will be tight. DJs on tap will be the GET MENTAL residents MOT and ANDREW SPEAR along side LT. SMASH and JFM.

Sky 60 is located between Tabu and The Social. There is a doorway that leads upstairs. Yes SKy 60 is a roof top bar.

Password for free admission is " 40 is the new FUCK YOU! "

p.s did we mention he is a pretentious bastard?

get mental, MOT, SPEAR, SKY 60

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