Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe The Hype !!!

The Hundreds have spoken. So know it will come to pass.....Ha Covert and BETA got mad props from The Hundreds. If for some strange reason you don't know about these guys then crawl out from under that rock. They are pretty much the most Legit of the younger street wear brands. Plus they are skateboarders... Well anyway shit loads of people check there blog daily. They will keep you up to speed on what is happening in the quickly changing world of Street Wear, Fashion,skating and what not.
The Hundreds

Now if that was not enough we got some more props on SLAMxHYPE. Scott Nelson from the lines "Slicker then Most" and MIKE.
Scott popped into town and was obviously pleased with what he saw. He knows the score for sure! This guy has been designing the good since the 90s.. Who remembers PERVERT or MANKIND? It might be to early for you but believe me the guy knows what's up and has paid is dues.

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