Saturday, June 28, 2008

Before The SB Program.

One of Nike's earlier attempts at breaking into the skate world. The ads were good. It just took a minute for Nike to realize what they already had. Pretty much every skate shoe company out has a model based on the Dunk. Big ups to Nike for the ads and the foresight. They should bring back that campaign.

The outside worlds view of skateboarding has changed from the time when these ads first hit the air waves but not all that much. I think Nikes influence may have had something to do with that. With a company their size showing interest on this level to our art form it gave an impression of legitimacy to skateboarding and forced the outsider world to reevaluate its stance. It also helped open the door for big business who saw that there was (is) money to made. And in turn for us to make money from them. Whether this is good or bad is still up for debate.

The last one is the extended version of the Running spot.

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