Friday, December 18, 2009

My favorite animal is a LIEGER

Sorry TIGER but comedy calls.
Im not a golfer and until recently I thought it was all about rich white guys in country clubs making shady business deals to keep the common man in check. Im sure this happens at the most exclusive clubs. But now all I here about is being on a Golf Course and smoking weed. I guess Thats were all the weed smoking goes down now. So for all you weed smoking golfers out there who don't have a stick up there ass. I bring you the LIEGER tee.
Trying to capitalize on someone's misfortune may not seem cool to some but hey times are tough. I need to make some scratch any way I can.
So this is tee is limited. I am only printing up what is requested.... $20 on American Apparel or $15 on Anvil basic.
If you want one call Covert Skate Shop. 407.228.0804 or paypal
Also posted is the Caddyshack movie in one minute and a Tiger Woods commercial.

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