Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Got that ED HARDY

I got turned on to this blog called IGNORED PRAYERS Its a pretty awesome blog to waste time on. Its filled with random pictures and videos. A few pages deep I saw this hip hop track by Dirt Nasty from Dyslexic Speed-readers. The track is dissing the fuck out of ED HARDY clothing. I see people wearing ED in Covert sometimes, It makes me laugh because that shit is rotten. Seriously rotten. I like to think Covert and our sister BETA are here to keep you informed on what is legit. Im not sure how old the track is but the VON DUTCH line is the best.....BTW VON DUTCH was the ED HARDY 6 years ago. Can we please stop supporting crappy clothes sold in way to many stores. Thanks Billy for the blog info.


Johnny Five Mikes said...

Ed Hardy is being run by the same people who did Von Dutch. In reality, all that changed was the name. Same bedazzled piss poor graphics. Same douche bags clientele.

covert skate shop said...

Actually Im glad they are around. That way I can tell straight away when I need to be somewhere else.