Friday, June 26, 2009


Not to be out done by the Nike DEBACLE video yesterday.(below) Here is the long awaited heavily anticipated COVERT Skate Shop video. It is available for download here. Covert Video

Its been such a pain in the ass. Let me tell you. Tons of Lost footage, Computer Crashes, Multiple filmers and editors. Punk kids hi jacking footy. Ryan Nix getting the camera stolen in Miami was a real heartbreaker. Marco's new footage being recorded in some European standard that isn't compatible with the rest of the video sucked ass. So basically we decided to call it a wrap before the footy got to old. Besides some of the footy started popping up in other videos. Oh well, I hope there is a learning curve.

But for all the B.S. I must say its a pretty good video. Our team is solid. A.j. Burnett living the dream in Hollywood, Marco Lambertucci killing it in Italy, Fred Tan nuff said! Ryan Oconner RipnDip bitches. Oh and lets not forget the monster Robert Lopez Mont....Insane...Of course maybe our best rider doesnt even have a part. That would be Willy D Billions. Maybe next time we will keep better track of his footy. There is just so many more things to say and stories to tell. One thing for sure we learned a lot and will try not to repeat the same mistakes on the next project.

Thanks to everybody who helped get it done even the guys who did not come through. Special thanks to David Cahall for helping us call it a wrap. We are moving on to video two. Enjoy COVERT

Covert Skate Shop Video from d c on Vimeo.

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what happened with the video?