Thursday, May 28, 2009


Nike SB JUNE has hit the shelves. Here are the stand outs. The White on White SB Dunk which is Super clean and a nice change for you Air Force one heads.
The Supreme P-Rod is the best this year. Get ready for the three. The Purple Dunk Mid looks way better in person. I like the gold trim and stitching. Last but not least is the Red Blazer Premium. We also got a mini re-up on the Janoskis. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

fuck nike, get more of them Adidas Cumpus Hi, best shoe out there and ill b gettin them all day if u would get more

covert skate shop said...

Well Im looking at MAYS Campus VULC. Where are you at? Right now the ADIDAS are even more limited and exclusive then the NIKES. You need to get on them quick. Dont wait for your favorite colorway to come back. Its not. ADIDAS is not reproducing color-ways.
As far as NIKE goes. I know people who would say the NIKE dunk is the best skate shoe ever. They were riding in DUNKS way before SBs. Honestly the dunk is the only shoe I own that I dont need and insert to add comfort. The ADIDAS TOP TEN is comfy too. Try not to use the word FUCK in your comments.

Anonymous said...

red blazers r wavieee