Friday, April 3, 2009

New Altamont Tees.

So a bunch of fresh new Altomont tees hit the shelf today. I was looking threw all of the new shirts and I stumbled across this one piece with a cardboard sign with a phone number right in the middle of it. So i'm wondering if this poor guy is still even in business. So I call him up thinking its going to be some old lady's number but to my surprise it was an actual back ally dog grooming business. Then I began to inform him on the situation and he tells me that the photos are almost 7 years old and he was the one who put the dead rat next to the sign in hopes of drumming up some business. Little did he know that years later it would end up on a widely distributed tee shirt. All throughout the day he continued harassing me for more information about the tee. All I could tell him was that the company is called Altamont and he just got more advertizing then any scribbled on sign. This photo was done by Boogie as well as a few more new tees that are just as sick. We also got some fresh Cut and Sew Pieces and shorts.

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