Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Public Enemy x OBEY

OBEY bombs have dropped! The Limited Public Enemy collabos are here. Peep highsnobiety
I saw P.E. at JJ Whispers. Awesome show! Chuck D was in full effect (note the slang) and Flava Flav tripped on stage. Chuck chuckled a bit and Flava popped up like nothing happened. It was funny. Anyway they have been sampled a million times. P.E. represents hip hop the way it should be, raw and political! FIGHT the POWER!!! Here are some pics of the P.E. shirts. We also got in the lace locks. The jackets will be here soon. Too hot them shits now anyway. Also there is all the other art driven OBEY tees that are still in the box. Damn. No pictures but rest assured the shit is dope. Come Peep don't sleep!

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