Saturday, June 21, 2008

FRESH JIVE vs Jewish Defense League

Got this video from the Hundreds blog. FRESH JIVE vs JDL. For the record I love FRESH JIVE and I love when t shirts cause people to act like idiots. Go there for the full story with pictures.HUNDREDS BLOG
Apparently the Jewish Defense League has a shady past... Now come to Covert and pick up a new Fresh Jive tee...

JDL VS. FRESHJIVE. from Bobby Hundreds on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

DJ Mehdi - Breakaway
Air - La Femme D'Argent (i will make children 2 this song)
Mc Solaar - A Temps Partiel (SO FRESH)
Yasuko Agawa - L.A. Night (EVEN MO FRESH)
Playgroup - Hideaway
Sade - Give it Up (Trackademicks Remix)
Big Boss Man - Sea Groove
45 King V.S. Wale - Roof (Dj Ayres Remix)
DJ Mehdi - Stick It
DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo - I Am Somebody
DJ Mehdi - Leave it Alone
Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Chasing Places (RETARDED)
Helena - M'en Aller (Monmartre Remix)
Le Le - Breakfast
Zongamin - Bongo Song (Jacko's Remix)

peep if the link dies
aka dj ricky bobby